GroupWise Email

February 5, 2008

The new email system at Spaulding (GroupWise) has been a huge improvement over what we had before.  So much less spam, internet access from home via the school’s website (–thanks Jerry, the ability to set up groups with common interest (ex. English Department, Guidance, or a list of parent emails for your TA…lots of options). There’s also a calendar option.

In the library, we always say, ‘so many books, so little time,’ well it’s even more true with computer applications!  So spend a little time exploring all of these cool GroupWise features.  A little time invested on a Thursday afternoon can save lots of time and paper later!

Many thanks to Diane Stacy and her IT staff for providing the following  resources to help you out on your GroupWise adventure!

GroupWise Instructions–the uncut version! 

Email (Web Version)

GroupWise Folders

Address Book



What next for 30 Minute Thursdays?

January 10, 2008

We’ve had requests to review the school’s Groupwise Email and/or spend time looking at the resources on the school’s website.  Creating blogs, creating  wikis, looking at TeacherTube and Flicr have also been mentioned. So many applications, so much fun! What would you like to do?

Files, Folders, & Networks, Oh My!

December 7, 2007

Getting organized in my life and work is a  New Year’s resolution I make every single year.   As a librarian, it’s incredibly embarrassing to admit that I am ‘organizationally-challenged.’  Anyone who’s seen my desk knows it’s true, but my computer desktop is a lot ‘cleaner.’  It really is pretty easy to stay organized electronically.   In January, let’s take a look at files, folders, flash drives, and the school’s network drives .

Don’t miss a chance to win a free flash drive by attending this session on January 3 at 3 pm in the library’s digital classroom.

December 6, 2007

Well, we had a small but mighty group.  Feel free to to share my blog address with other faculty members who might be interested in getting started with (  Tom suggested we look at Files, Folders, and the the school’s network in December.  Sounds good.  I’ll get flyers out.

30 Minute Thursdays

December 6, 2007

We never seem to have enough time to explore technology.  Students, lesson planning, meetings and more meetings can take over our lives and information literacy takes a back burner.  I know in my life, I procrastinate when my comfort level is low.  So the theory behind 30 Minute Thursdays is that we set aside 30 minutes a month to ‘play’ with technology in a safe, supportive environment.  No question is dumb,  no expectations, no commitments, just play time!  Let’s see where it takes us. We’re starting with a cool socialbookmarking website called  Social Bookmarking?  Exactly what it sounds like–  allows you to bookmark your favorite websites and to share them (the social part) with others.   Access your bookmarks  at home, at school, at Starbucks, wherever.So see what you think about  How could you use it with students? I think it’s a useful tool for those of us who teach in more than one classroom.  Give 30 minutes, or longer if you like.  My goal is to be paperless, so brief instructions will be posted as a page on this blog.  You can refer back to it later.  Have fun playing!